Saturday, September 24, 2016

East Coast Windsurfing Festival 2016

The ECWF Cape Cod 2016 was held on Kalmus Beach on September 17 & 18, and was a ton of fun! We had competitors from novices to pros duking it out in freestyle, racing, and GPS heats. The weather was near perfect with lots of sun and some planing winds on day 2.

Special thanks to all our sponsors who helped make the event a success! Especially amazing was the amount of support we got from local windsurfing business owners and the help from volunteers.

Mike Burns and Jeanne Baumann were crowned King and Queen of the Cape, showing us some amazing freestyle and first places in racing. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for coming out to play!

Here are a few pictures, some taken by myself, some by Andrei Burnin:

Race start
Race start

Mike Burns freestyling
Jon Sassone during the pro freestyle heat

Beautiful longboards
D2 with self-made, wooden daggerboard and old school sail

Getting ready to race
Rounding the first buoy

...and more trophies

Starting the next heat
Happy winners

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